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Welcome to North 7 Medical of Williamsburg. What is most important in a community medical facility is commitment to patient care, medical expertise, and an environment that fosters comfort and healing. We are a group of dedicated professional medical practitioners who believe in taking an alternative approach in seeing to the very best care and treatment for all of our patients.

In a heart of exciting Williamsburg district...

Located in Brooklyn's ever-changing and exciting Williamsburg district, our facility is established to meet the needs of a diverse and dynamic community population. Our services span a wide range of medical specialties with specific focus on delivering swift an accurate care to meet the needs of those in our eclectic community.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic

Williamsburg\Greenpoint Location

Internal Medicine
Physical Therapy
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Internal Medicine of Williamsburg

Our internal medicine department is at the leading edge of treatment and we use the most successful and current means of achieving wellness for all of our patients.

Many of the services we provide are in line with the most requested treatments and testing of those we serve. Services such as allergy testing and flu vaccinations are able to be provided in the heart of Williamsburg by our highly-qualified and courteous staff of physicians and supporting staff. Other services such as STD/STI testing and treatment are available in the comfortable, safe, and professional environment of our office. read more

Physical Therapy of Williamsburg

Patients who seek physical therapy and chiropractic needs will find security in the level of expertise our staff embodies as well as the latest in equipment we use. read more

Chiropractic of Williamsburg

Patients who seek chiropractic needs will find dedicated, competent and motivated chiropractors in our facility. We are in practice since 1998 and have over 15 years of clinical experience & expertise specializing in nerves, muscles and more

Your health ...

Make an appointment today and see why we are the most advanced clinic in the region. Your health is our goal and your comfort is our pleasure.
North 7 Medical of Williamsburg.

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